A Poem for all Mothers

You painted no Madonna on chapel walls in Rome,

But with a touchMy Prayer During the 2014 National Day of Prayer Celebration . Read more ... » diviner you lived one in your home“Ready or not, here I come...again.”. Read more ... ».


You wrote no lofty poems that critics counted art,

But with a nobler visionA Man Tries to Walk on the Water, Look What Does He Get. Read more ... » you lived them in your heartThe Eight Beatitudes: Principal Graces of a Christian. Read more ... ».


You carved no shapeless marble to some high-souled design,

But with a finer sculpture you shaped this soul of mine.


You built no great cathedrals that centuries applaud,

But with a graceWhy the King Killed Those Who Did Not Attend His Son’s Wedding?. Read more ... » exquisite your lifeHeaven or UFO?: The Liberating Words of Jesus. Read more ... » cathedraled GodThe Angel of The Lord Announces the Good News!. Read more ... ».


Had I the gift of Raphael or Michelangelo,

Oh, what a rare Madonna a motherThe Physician Doesn’t Want Her Daughter be Entertained, but Look What She Does to Get What She Wants. Read more ... »’s life would show!


Thomas“As the Father has Sent me, so I Send You!”. Read more ... » W. Fessenden

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