Ads With Values

Most of the ads nowadays on the televisionsThe Transfiguration of Jesus. Read more ... » here in AmericaIn Everything Give Eucharist!. Read more ... » do not leave goodThe Four Kinds of Seeds: A Reflection of our Spirituality. Read more ... » values to their audience. Ads creators just focus on stamping their products to the minds of the people, and they don’t care whether the ads have values or not. One of the ads that I like is the TV ads of Liberty Mutual, an insurance company. Let me share it with you:

Is that wonderful? However, I am not actually endorsing the products of the Liberty Mutal. It is apt to you if you want to subscribe to the services of LM. Let me  emphasize  that whoever is making ads for public viewing, one must inculcate good values to the people. Values that will create a community and strengthen humanity. Be responsible! What do you think?

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