An Angel of the Day!

angel-butterfly1I received an SMS from home“Ready or not, here I come...again.”. Read more ... » and informed me that my motherA Poem for all Mothers. Read more ... » is getting blind“I was Blind, Now I See”. Read more ... » and she needs to go to doctor.  I did not knowHow to Know the Presence of the Holy Spirit?. Read more ... » what to say to my father“Into Your Hands”. Read more ... » when I was talking to him over the phone. I just told him just be ready“Ready or not, here I come...again.”. Read more ... » I will try my best to send“As the Father has Sent me, so I Send You!”. Read more ... » some moneyCome! Share Your Master’s Joy!. Read more ... » for her medication and or hospitalization. Actually I have difficulty budgeting my present income due to recession here in the USA. Most of the people here are living from paycheck to paycheck due to many bills and responsibilities.

ThankPeople Were Hungry, Look What the Boy Did to Feed Them All. Read more ... » GodThe Three Temptations of Jesus. Read more ... » since when I shared my burdenBear Jesus’ Yoke to Unburden Your Yoke. Read more ... » to somebody she became the AngelGlory to God in the Highest. Read more ... » of the Day!  She gave me some money and I sent“As the Father has Sent me, so I Send You!”. Read more ... » thru Western Union. How nice to know that God is using people like her. ThanksIn Everything Give Eucharist!. Read more ... »,  Ms Boss!

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