My Car’s Plate Evangelizes

Last Friday when I was buying in the drive thru of  Carl’s Jr in Santa Ana, CA“As the Father has Sent me, so I Send You!”. Read more ... »,plate01 the one who was following me honked me twice. I told to myself, “The person behind me is impatient, she should wait for her turn.”  I could not help but to look behind and glanced who was that impatient person. I saw a pretty African American ladyJesus is Missing!. Read more ... » who was riding in an expensive car. When she saw me looking at her she shouted at me and said, “Your plate is great!” Then I replied, “ThanksIn Everything Give Eucharist!. Read more ... »!” and gestured the “Okay” signThree Radical Precautions of the Christ. Read more ... ».  And she replied the same.

WellJesus’ Strategy of Evangelism. Read more ... » it was not the first timeThey Complain to the Landowner Simply Because He is Generous and Fair to All His Laborers. Read more ... » that somebody told me that. Last year when I was driving in Anaheim, Ca, an old Caucasian manYou Have No Right to Keep it!. Read more ... » who were following me waved and stopped my car in the middle of the road, of course"How to Use Church Web Effectively for God's Ministry?". Read more ... », I pulled over, and stopped to check what was he talking about. He just told me that he liked the frame of my car’s plate number and he asked where he could buyPeople Were Hungry, Look What the Boy Did to Feed Them All. Read more ... » that and I told him he could buy it  in a ChristianHow Does Jesus Prepare His Disciples for Missions?. Read more ... » bookstore in Orange City, Ca.

plate04The phrase in the frame of my car’s plate number is  “Got ChristThe Words of Jesus and the Coming Massive Revival in Groups. Read more ... »? It’s HELL without Him!” It’s a simple phrase that invites a long discussion in this blogTuloy Po Kayo! (Welcome!). Read more ... ». But my only intention of posting this frame is to make aware the reader of his relationshipHow to Know the Presence of the Holy Spirit?. Read more ... » with his GodIsaiah’s Prophecy on the Coming of the Savior. Read more ... », or invite the reader to try JesusThe Eternal Reward of Giving a Cup of Cold Water. Read more ... » in his lifeThree Deeds That Show the Intentions of the Shepherd and the Thief. Read more ... ». In a sense I am evangelizing on the road!

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