What is Important for You?

I went to Carl’s Jr (Santa Ana, CaHeaven or UFO?: The Liberating Words of Jesus. Read more ... ») today with my three clients, and I bought carlsjrrgbmeals for us at drive thru. Of course"How to Use Church Web Effectively for God's Ministry?". Read more ... » I ordered through their audio systemA System that Korean Church Used to Grow So Rapidly. Read more ... » infront of their menu board.

The staff did not understand my order and I told her that I needed one more burger. She easily understood it when I approached infront of her window. But she said they have allotted timeHow to Ascertain God's Will?. Read more ... » for each customer.

It seems that they are in a race or something, and she told me to drive infront of the restaurant and she would deliver another burger there which was not included in my first order.  But I told/asked the ladyJesus is Missing!. Read more ... », “What is more importantThree Important Teachings of Jesus. Read more ... » for you? Your time or your customers?” She was stood still with my wordsHeaven or UFO?: The Liberating Words of Jesus. Read more ... ». She left me and made my order and after few minutes she gave the burger without any words. I hope she did not spit“I was Blind, Now I See”. Read more ... » on my burger.  🙂

Some people nowadays giveThree Deeds That Show the Intentions of the Shepherd and the Thief. Read more ... » high importance on achievements, and rules rather than human beings.

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