Isaiah’s Prophecy on the Coming of the Savior

(IsaiahThe Man with Unclean Lips Sends by the King of the Armies. Read more ... » 9:2-7)

By Rev. Dr. Sergio ArevaloTuloy Po Kayo! (Welcome!). Read more ... », Jr.

Dec 20, 2014, 7 pm (Sambang GabiGlory to God in the Highest. Read more ... »)


If you are hopeless, depressed and in need of something very necessary, and here a manHow to Ascertain God's Will?. Read more ... » who will help you. What would be your reaction? I knowHow to Know the Presence of the Holy Spirit?. Read more ... » you would be happy! I am asking that since the background of our passage today was something like that.

The context of our passage is one of fearThree Things Expected of a Disciple. Read more ... ». It is dark and scary timeThey Complain to the Landowner Simply Because He is Generous and Fair to All His Laborers. Read more ... » in the historyIn Everything Give Eucharist!. Read more ... » of Judah and IsraelA Caregiver Wows Israel's X Factor; UK Wows For This Pinoy. Read more ... ». AssyriaDoes God Repent in Nineveh?. Read more ... » has become strong and is systematically taking over the whole region. Within a few years, Judah will become a resident captive, and the northern kingdomThe Four Kinds of Seeds: A Reflection of our Spirituality. Read more ... » of Israel will be no more (722 BCE).

The kingThe Judge-King Favors the Least: The Undocumented Aliens, etc.. Read more ... » and the people were reacting from fear, and that fear drove them to do the unthinkable. Indeed the king may have gone as far as to sacrificeThree Important Teachings of Jesus. Read more ... » his own sonThe Angel of The Lord Announces the Good News!. Read more ... » to try and appease the gods of Assyria and stop the coming“Ready or not, here I come...again.”. Read more ... » invasion (Feasting of the WordThe Four Kinds of Seeds: A Reflection of our Spirituality. Read more ... », p. 101.).

I. The ProphecyProphecy About the Philippines in 2009, Compare With Current Situation. Read more ... » About a Great LightThe Logos Becomes Flesh. Read more ... »

Isaiah prophesied that they would see the light. Isaiah says, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; for those living in a landCreatio ex Nihilo: Creation Through Amazing Words and Power. Read more ... » of deep darkness, a light has shined upon them” (9:2).

In the time of Isaiah, they had terrible fear thus terrible darkness in their country.  The same when the SaviorThree Things Required in Discipleship. Read more ... » came, they were in darkness due to Roman“Into Your Hands”. Read more ... » occupation. The prophecy of Isaiah had far reaching effectThe Eternal Reward of Giving a Cup of Cold Water. Read more ... », JesusI Doubt, Ergo, I Believe. Read more ... » the MessiahThe Obedience of Joseph. Read more ... » came in Palestine in times of darkness and hopelessness.savioroftheworld1

 II. The Prophecy About Abundance

Isaiah also added that “You have increased the nationJesus is Missing!. Read more ... »; you have increased its joy; they rejoiceIn Everything Give Eucharist!. Read more ... » in your presenceHow to Know the Presence of the Holy Spirit?. Read more ... » as thy rejoice at the harvest, as they are glad when they’re dividing the spoils of war. Now as to the yokeBear Jesus’ Yoke to Unburden Your Yoke. Read more ... » that has been his burdenBear Jesus’ Yoke to Unburden Your Yoke. Read more ... », and the bar laid on his shoulder—the rod of his oppressor—you have broken it as on the day of Midiam. For every boot of the tramping soldier in battle tumult and every garment rolled in blood will be used for burning as fuel for a fire” (vv.3-5).

Isaiah prophesied that there would be great abundance in the future. He prophesied the victory in the wars. For every boot of the tramping soldier in battle tumult, and every garment rolled in blood will be used for burning as fuel for a fire.” Their arms and ammunition would become plowing tools and fishing hooks, so to speakGod Calls the Boy Rather than the Priest. Read more ... »; and they would be joyful in their harvest.

III. The Prophecy About the Messiah

Isaiah prophesied about the coming of the Messiah, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder, and his nameHeaven or UFO?: The Liberating Words of Jesus. Read more ... » is called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty GodThe Transfiguration of Jesus. Read more ... », Everlasting Father“Into Your Hands”. Read more ... », Prince of PeaceThe Three Lessons of Palm Sunday. Read more ... ». Of the growth of his government and peaceCHURCH PLANTING VISION IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Read more ... » there will be no end. He will rule over his kingdom, sitting on the throne of David, to establish it and to uphold it with justiceThe Eight Beatitudes: Principal Graces of a Christian. Read more ... » and righteousnessPracticing Piety in Front of People. Read more ... » from this time onward and forevermore. The zeal of the LORDCome! Share Your Master’s Joy!. Read more ... » of the Heavenly Armies will accomplish“It is Finished!”. Read more ... » this” (vv.6-7).

The Messiah would be coming with different attributes. The Messiah’s kingdom shall ever increase more and more; there shall be no limits to it; ultimately it shall fill the worldJesus is Missing!. Read more ... ».wonderfulcounselor1


Pastor613 Laws Summarize Into Two. Read more ... » Clifford S. Stewart of Louisville, Kentucky, sent“As the Father has Sent me, so I Send You!”. Read more ... » his parents“I was Blind, Now I See”. Read more ... » a microwave oven one ChristmasThe Three Magi and The Greatest Gift We Never Knew. Read more ... ».

Here’s how he recalls the experience: “They were excited that now they, too, could be a part of the instant generation. When Dad unpacked the microwave and plugged it in, literally within seconds, the microwave transformed two smiles into frown!”

Even after reading the directions, they couldn’t make it work.

Two days later, his motherA Poem for all Mothers. Read more ... » was playing bridge with a friendLazarus’ Raising as a Proof of Resurrection. Read more ... », and confessed her inability to get that microwave oven even to boil waterA Man Tries to Walk on the Water, Look What Does He Get. Read more ... ».

To get this darn thing to work,” she exclaimed, “I really don’t need better directions; I just needed my son to comeFollow Me: The Cost of Following Jesus. Read more ... » along with the gift!”

When God gave the gift of salvationJesus is Missing!. Read more ... », he didn’t send“As the Father has Sent me, so I Send You!”. Read more ... » a booklet of complicated instructions for us to figure out; he sent his Son. He sent the Light instead of instruction on how to make a light. He sent Jesus the ChristThe Words of Jesus and the Coming Massive Revival in Groups. Read more ... » to saveJesus is Missing!. Read more ... » us from all our sinsNew Year, New Creation. Read more ... ».

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