My Day’s Plan is Changed to God’s Plan

I told my gorgeous boss that I would not work on Monday (Feb 09) due to my personal appointment. I needed to make a day off since I would meet my  best friendLazarus’ Raising as a Proof of Resurrection. Read more ... » PastorProphecy About the Philippines in 2009, Compare With Current Situation. Read more ... » Arman from Ohio and we did not see each other for long timeThey Complain to the Landowner Simply Because He is Generous and Fair to All His Laborers. Read more ... ». I cannot forgiveThis Man Asks How Many Times to Forgive; He is Amazed What He Discovered. Read more ... » myself if I could not meet him when he comes in CaliforniaCHURCH PLANTING VISION IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Read more ... ».

gods_planWellJesus’ Strategy of Evangelism. Read more ... » on Sunday night Feb 08, we met in the houseHeaven or UFO?: The Liberating Words of Jesus. Read more ... » of another friend Pastor Manny in Pacoima. While we were chatting and updating. Another friend who happened to be in the house of Manny approached me if I could help/drive the couple to the hospital tomorrow (Feb 09),  since her husband613 Laws Summarize Into Two. Read more ... » would be undergoing laser procedure due to his Glaucoma.

After few minutes, I said I have no work tomorrow and I came here to meet Pastor Arman and to check your situation–remember the “FilipinoA Caregiver Wows Israel's X Factor; UK Wows For This Pinoy. Read more ... » MethodistTetelestai! Tetelestai! Tetelestai!. Read more ... » couple?”  I told to Pareng Arman, “I’m so sorry that we could not hang out longer due to the couple’s needs.” Pareng Arman is understanding and he said, “It’s okay since it is your ministryLiberation Theology's Concept of "Poor". Read more ... » to the couple. Anyways we already saw each other”

On Monday morning the couple and I went to a Los AngelesCHURCH PLANTING VISION IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Read more ... » hospital for the husband’s procedure. We were there from past 8 am to about 5 pm.  Our brother had three (3) laser treatments and he still needs to comeFollow Me: The Cost of Following Jesus. Read more ... » back after a week for another laser treatment.

The couple encountered crises since they have no moneyCome! Share Your Master’s Joy!. Read more ... » to pay the treatment and they have had few bucks given by some churchProphecy About the Philippines in 2009, Compare With Current Situation. Read more ... » members. They have no ample source of income–remember they could not pay their room and they were about to sleepThe Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds. Read more ... » in their car? (ThankPeople Were Hungry, Look What the Boy Did to Feed Them All. Read more ... » GodHow to Know the Presence of the Holy Spirit?. Read more ... » because my friends Manny and Connie accommodated them in my appeal. I already knowHow to Know the Presence of the Holy Spirit?. Read more ... » this couple ever since, they really have heartThe Eight Beatitudes: Principal Graces of a Christian. Read more ... » for the needy.) Our sister approached several people in the hospital just to make free the treatment and the medicines, but nothingThe Eight Beatitudes: Principal Graces of a Christian. Read more ... » happened. We just concluded that we will wait for the bill and pay by installments.

In the evening when I was driving back to my city, I was reflecting on my day’s experience and I concluded that although I have planHow to Ascertain God's Will?. Read more ... » for the day, the LordMary Praises the Greatness of God. Read more ... » has other plan for me which was different from what I already planned. Thus, although I have plans, I must be ready“Ready or not, here I come...again.”. Read more ... » for God’s plans for me, or be ready to changeThe Man Who Prepares Freeway for His Master. Read more ... » my plan to God’s awesome plan. What a wonderful day!

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