“How to Use Church Web Effectively for God’s Ministry?”

Dear Readers, we are now discussing the book entitled, “How to Use Church Web Effectively for God’s Ministry?” If you want to join for FREE, you may enroll at  http://bit.ly/jmujm4 or find the widget on the side of this site www.JesusKnights.org . Here is the Table of Contents of this book:


Thesis and Aims of the Book

Biblico-Theological Foundation

Practical Implications

Why the Church Needs a Website?

How to Create a Church Website?

What are the Contents of a Church Web?

Why do we Need an Autoresponder?

Why do we Need a Squeeze Page?

Where do we Get our Cyber Traffic?

Sources of Regular Traffic

The Roles of Church Web in the 21st Century

Expect to learn the following:

Web Contents (Regular Messages, Church Activities, Church Personnel, Gallery of Photos and  Videos, News & Updates, Important Links) and Domain and Hosting

Sources of Traffic (Church & School Promo, Adwords, Posters and Flyers, Auto/Manual Surfing, Safelist, Search Engines, Press Releases, Index Submissions, Banner Exchange, Emails, Viral Links, You Tube, Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Jesus’ Knights, PingFM, Twitterfeed, etc., Newspapers, Radio and  TV, Business Cards, etc.

After discussing the book, you will receive a


from the American Bible School.

(1) to proceed to our course, I just want  to remind that anyone who wants to study online, he or  she must have a working e-mail address, obviously this is  not for you, but a reminder for your friends who might join  us later. If you need a customized free email address, you  may go to: Mail.com or if you want to use in your business, you may want to try this:  http://vib.cm/drsergz

(2) Anyone who will proceed to study here must have a constant engagement with their computer with internet connection. Since most of the time I am going to include some links  that you need to browse or read. Further, I might require you to make your own website so that you could internalize what we are going to study here. Don’t worry  since I will guide you step by step.

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