BRUNO is a Trash!

I just watched “Bruno” in a Krikorian Theater in Buena Park, Ca today. I thought I could relax and release my stress of loneliness, hardwork and homesickness. bruno1

Indeed I laughed a lot during the show, but after that my spirit couldn’t rest. I was bothered by the content and the way the film portrays homosexuality, particularly in Austria and America. I was thinking should my kids watch this movie, what would they learn?

I believe when the film would be shown in the Philippines, Cardinals, bishops and other faithful will hate it. Why? It touches many sensitive issues like racism, discrimination, inhumanity, lack of care to kids, political issues, and religion. Besides the film has vivid portrayals of  gay sex and swingers sex. Characters show nudity, penis and pubic hair.

Barbara Walters called the movie “almost as pornographic as any pornographic thing that I’ve seen,” adding that unlike porno flicks, you can catch this flick around the corner in your neighborhood movie theater.

If I categorize this film it should be rated X. I believe this film is a trash and should not be seen by kids. Take care of your kids, brethren.

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