PGF the Lord!

By Rev. Dr. Sergio E. Arevalo, Jr.

March 01, 2015,

79th birthday of Rev. Philip Mendiola, Santa Ana, CA


Psalm 22:23-24: “All who fear the LORD, praise him! All the seed of Jacob, glorify him! All the seed of Israel, fear him! For he does not despise nor detest the afflicted person; he does not hide his face from him, but he hears him when he cries out to him.”


One time many years ago, the king of Hungary found himself depressed and unhappy.

He sent for his brother, a good-natured but rather indifferent prince. The king said to him, “I am a great sinner; I fear to meet God.” But the prince only laughed at him.

This didn’t help the king’s disposition any. Though he was a believer, the king had gotten a glimpse of his guilt for the way he’d been living lately, and he seriously wanted help.

In those days it was customary if the executioner sounded a trumpet before a man’s door at any hour, it was a signal that he was to be led to his execution. The king sent the executioner in the dead of night to sound the fateful blast at his brother’s door.

The prince realized with horror what was happening. Quickly dressing, he stepped to the door and was seized by the executioner, and dragged pale and trembling into the king’s presence.

In an agony of terror he fell on his knees before his brother and begged to know how he had offended him. “My brother,” answered the king, “if the sight of a human executioner is so terrible to you, shall not I, having grievously offended God, fear to be brought before the judgment seat of Christ?” (

Psalm 22:23 says, “All who fear the LORD, praise him! All the seed of Jacob, glorify him! All the seed of Israel, fear him!”

 IPraise Him: All Who Fear the Lord

This phrase tells that all the people of God, whether Jews or Gentiles, who have the grace of filial and godly fear put into their hearts, with which they worship God, and walk before him in all holy conversation.

Sometimes when we see our fellowmen commit their sins, we say, “Hey, fear God!” We say that simply because we believe that God is watching us, and he might punish us when we commit our sins. Our faith and praise to God are becoming genuine simply because we have genuine godly fear.

John Wesley was about 21 years of age when he went to Oxford University. He came from a Christian home, and he was gifted with a keen mind and good looks. Yet in those days he was a bit snobbish and sarcastic.

One night, however, something happened that set in motion a change in Wesley’s heart. While speaking with a porter, he discovered that the poor fellow had only one coat and lived in such impoverished conditions that he didn’t even have a bed. Yet he was an unusually happy person, filled with gratitude to God.

Wesley, being immature, thoughtlessly joked about the man’s misfortunes. “And what else do you thank God for?” he said with a touch of sarcasm.

The porter smiled, and in the spirit of meekness replied with joy, “I thank Him that He has given me my life and being, a heart to love Him, and above all a constant desire to serve Him!”

 Deeply moved, Wesley recognized that this man knew the meaning of true praise (

 II. Glorify Him: All the Seed of Jacob

All the seed of Jacob, glorify him; not the natural, but spiritual seed of Jacob, who walk in the steps of the faith of that man of God; these are exhorted to glorify the Lord with their bodies and spirits, which are his, being redeemed with the precious blood of Christ; by believing in him, glorying in him, and offering praise unto him.

We are spiritual seed of Jacob. Thus we have duty to glorify and praise the Lord through our works, worships and services.1554544_750600318296976_798425513_n

We are now gathering here today simply because Rev. Philip Mendiola led us to glorify the Lord due to his many blessings in the life and ministry of our beloved pastor. For 79 years the Lord has been true, loving and benevolent to him. Pastor Philip gave his life, his time, his talents, and I believe sometimes his family just to give praises and glory to our God through his services.

III. Fear Him: All the Seed of Israel

The seed of Israel who are the same with the seed of Jacob, Jacob and Israel being two names of the same person; and design not Israel according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit; the whole Israel of God, the all spiritual seed of Israel, who are justified in Christ.

We are all seeds of Israel. Israel believes only one God and they fear Him.


 For he does not despise nor detest the afflicted person; he does not hide his face from him, but he hears him when he cries out to him.” (Ps 22:24). In other words, those who fear God, He blesses them.

Today we are meeting here to celebrate the blessings of God to the family of Mendiola, especially to Pastor Philip for reaching 79 years. Being loyal and honest to God, being active in God’s ministry for many years, for saving many souls for Christ.

I still remember that he extended his ministry in Marilao, it was so happened that I worked with that group, the Alpha and Omega UMC. I am a witness for his love and care for the people there.

I asked some people to witness for faith and love of Pastor Philip and also greet him in this important day:







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