Take up Your Cross

by Dr. Sergio E. ArevaloTuloy Po Kayo! (Welcome!). Read more ... », Jr.

34. Then he called his disciplesHow Does Jesus Prepare His Disciples for Missions?. Read more ... » and the crowds to comeFollow Me: The Cost of Following Jesus. Read more ... » over and listenThe Two Disciples’ Heart Burning Experience. Read more ... ». “If any of you wants to be my follower,” he told them, “you must put aside your own pleasures and shoulder your crossBear Jesus’ Yoke to Unburden Your Yoke. Read more ... », and follow me closely. 35. If you insist on saving your lifeWhat is Life?. Read more ... », you will lose it. Only those who throw away their lives for my sake and for the sake of the Good NewsYou Have No Right to Keep it!. Read more ... » will ever knowHow to Know the Presence of the Holy Spirit?. Read more ... » what it means to really live. 36. “And how does a manYou Have No Right to Keep it!. Read more ... » benefit if he gains the whole worldThe Greatest Act of God. Read more ... » and loses his soul in the process? 37. For is anything worth more than his soul? 38. And anyone who is ashamed of me and my messageDoes God Repent in Nineveh?. Read more ... » in these days of unbelief and sin, I, the MessiahThe Man Who Prepares Freeway for His Master. Read more ... », will be ashamed of him when I return in the gloryPGF the Lord!. Read more ... » of my FatherThree Important Teachings of Jesus. Read more ... », with the holy angelsThe Man with Unclean Lips Sends by the King of the Armies. Read more ... ».” (LVB) MarkThe Son Will be Coming Soon with Power and Glory. Read more ... » 8:34-38.


If I ask you today, do you want to be followers of JesusThe Physician Doesn’t Want Her Daughter be Entertained, but Look What She Does to Get What She Wants. Read more ... » ChristNew Year, New Creation. Read more ... »? What will be your answers? And what are the requirements of following Jesus ChristHis Master Asks This Man, His Answer Triggers the Opening of Big Secret. Read more ... »? There are at leastThe Judge-King Favors the Least: The Undocumented Aliens, etc.. Read more ... » three points that we can consider in our passage:cross

This life is very tempting, the world has a lot to offer with us: luxury cars, expensive houses“Ready or not, here I come...again.”. Read more ... », sumptuous foods, high positions in the society, highest respect of the society, moneyCome! Share Your Master’s Joy!. Read more ... », etc. and when we have these tempting possessions, and high positions, it is very difficult to leave this kind of situation. Actually instead of leaving this kind of situation we are preserving and saving them. However, if we want to be honest disciples of Jesus we need to leave our own pleasure. For example, let us forget goodThe Four Kinds of Seeds: A Reflection of our Spirituality. Read more ... » moviesThe Protagonist Narrates the Trailer of His Story, His Avid Fan Does not Like it. Read more ... » and TV show, and have timeThey Complain to the Landowner Simply Because He is Generous and Fair to All His Laborers. Read more ... » in preaching the gospelDoes God Repent in Nineveh?. Read more ... » and cell meeting. Let us forget our pleasure and abide with Jesus.


Abiding with Jesus is no joke. It means life, life that you will giveThree Deeds That Show the Intentions of the Shepherd and the Thief. Read more ... » your very best. He does not accept excuses and alibis, he wants your time, talentsCome! Share Your Master’s Joy!. Read more ... » and treasures – in other wordsHeaven or UFO?: The Liberating Words of Jesus. Read more ... » He wants your cross to be shouldered. This might be a burdenBear Jesus’ Yoke to Unburden Your Yoke. Read more ... » or difficult but that is the meaning of shouldering your cross. Politicians look followers that are honest to them, in other words when politicians say to their subordinates, “Jump!” they will jump even not knowing and asking why. The only questionLeaders Question This Man on What Authority He is Doing Those Benevolence, They Could Not Reason Out When He Responds. Read more ... » that is valid is that “what floor should I jump?”


Jesus said “follow me closely” (LVB), although we are so busy in many works, we need to follow him wherever we are. We need to follow him closely. It means we must obey GodThe Greatest is Love. Read more ... » often, we must be closer to God. When we are getting closer to God we are being purified by his glory and powerMary Praises the Greatness of God. Read more ... ».

There was a famous Roman“Into Your Hands”. Read more ... » General, Quintus Fabius Cunctator. He was discussing with his staff how to take a difficult position. Someone suggested a certain course"How to Use Church Web Effectively for God's Ministry?". Read more ... » of action. “It will only cost the lives of a few men,” this counselor said. Fabius looked at him. “Are you,” he said, “willing to be one of the few?”
Jesus was not the kind of leader who sat remote and played with the lives of men like expendable pawns. What he demanded that they should face, he, too, was ready“Ready or not, here I come...again.”. Read more ... » to face. Jesus had a right to call on us to take up a cross.

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