The World Sings for the Philippines

On 19 November 2013 students on Stage4you Academy raised moneyCome! Share Your Master’s Joy!. Read more ... » for the Philippines“It is Finished!”. Read more ... », over 9,000 USD were donated to UNICEF Sweden and bags of clothesWhy the King Killed Those Who Did Not Attend His Son’s Wedding?. Read more ... », toys and shoes. Share the storyThe Protagonist Narrates the Trailer of His Story, His Avid Fan Does not Like it. Read more ... » of kindness, generosityWhich Do You Prefer? Old Practices or New Practices?. Read more ... » and humanity of all the nations who choose to help the Filipinos – Their deeds will forever written in the heartThe Eight Beatitudes: Principal Graces of a Christian. Read more ... » of the Filipinos.

With the collaboration of Stage4you Academy and Handsome Pictures they recreated the legendary Michael Jackson’s song “We Are The WorldThe Greatest Act of God. Read more ... »” with this videoPGF the Lord!. Read more ... ».

FilipinoA Caregiver Wows Israel's X Factor; UK Wows For This Pinoy. Read more ... » artists sing “We are the World.”

OPM artists record “The PrayerThe Physician Doesn’t Want Her Daughter be Entertained, but Look What She Does to Get What She Wants. Read more ... »” for Typhoon Yolanda Victims.

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