There Will be Light at the End of the Tunnel

Two days ago I received a phone call from a FilipinoA Caregiver Wows Israel's X Factor; UK Wows For This Pinoy. Read more ... » MethodistTetelestai! Tetelestai! Tetelestai!. Read more ... » couple who are residing in Los AngelesMy Prayer During the 2014 National Day of Prayer Celebration . Read more ... » Area (CaliforniaThree Things Expected of a Disciple. Read more ... ») . Sorry I can’t mention their
names here. They were in DIRE NEED of housing since by next day, they
would sleepThe Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds. Read more ... » in their dilapidated car parked in a dangerous placeThe Judge-King Favors the Least: The Undocumented Aliens, etc.. Read more ... » of the
city.  Knowing this plight, I  helped them to find a room or moneyCome! Share Your Master’s Joy!. Read more ... » to pay for their rental room. I am so sorry to say that they also experienced recession
here.  I posted my appeal to our Filipino Methodists forum at Yahoo. Immediately, the opinions circulated and shared.

Early morning Bro. Danny Hernaez woke me up after few hoursThey Complain to the Landowner Simply Because He is Generous and Fair to All His Laborers. Read more ... » of posting that issue, just to say that he wanted to help the couple although he is in
Houston“Give Back to Caesar the Things that are Caesar's”. Read more ... », Texas“Give Back to Caesar the Things that are Caesar's”. Read more ... ». The couple said Bro. Danny could not sleep that night
simply because he was touched and worried about the plight of the
couple. He is committed to help them.

Rev. Roy Padilla promised the couple to find a place for them. But
right now Rev. Manny and Connie Predas of Wilshire UMC“Ready or not, here I come...again.”. Read more ... » temporarilighttunnel1ly
shared their small domicile so that the couple will not sleep in their car in the freezing night. Rev. Richard Ramos II also promised to help the couple.

The couple really needed help, but still they uphold their faithHow to Ascertain God's Will?. Read more ... » in GodThe Greatest is Love. Read more ... » and still hoping that one of these days their predicament will be over and the lightIsaiah’s Prophecy on the Coming of the Savior. Read more ... » at the end of tunnel will be seen.

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