Tuloy Po Kayo! (Welcome!)

welcome1Tuloy po kayo!

ThanksIn Everything Give Eucharist!. Read more ... » a lot for visiting my “Official Web Log.” As you see this is the replacement of my former website. I replaced it with this new format simply because I want to encourage you to comeFollow Me: The Cost of Following Jesus. Read more ... » back and post your comments about my site, my experiencesMy Car's Plate Evangelizes. Read more ... », thoughts, media, etc. However, please don’t post any spam or else it will be deleted and be reported as spam.


I will post here articles in theologyHey Sanna, Ho Sanna!. Read more ... », philosophyThe Works of the Holy Spirit in Missions. Read more ... », experiences, ministryLiberation Theology's Concept of "Poor". Read more ... », and educationThe Genesis of Wesley Divinity School. Read more ... ». I also posted our familyJesus is Missing!. Read more ... » pictures, including the pictures of my kumpare, kumare, friends, relatives, and my travels and ministries.

Samot-sari… Whatever comes to my mindI Doubt, Ergo, I Believe. Read more ... » I posted here….Not thinking of grammar or logical arrangement.. just to share my thoughts and experiences, and praying that my readers could gain knowledge  or upon starting my own wordsHeaven or UFO?: The Liberating Words of Jesus. Read more ... », readers may post his/her addition, affirmation or disagreement…whatever…

Ride now in my Jeepney and we will start our long  journey! Upong piso lang po!


“If you live what you loveThe Greatest Act of God. Read more ... », you will love your lifeThe Logos Becomes Flesh. Read more ... ».”–Quincy Jones

No articles or pictures will be used in any ways without prior permission. Nagkakaintindihan po ba tayo? (c) Started in February 2009 (c) 2011

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10 thoughts on “Tuloy Po Kayo! (Welcome!)

  1. masipag! keep going po. . . i have my own at yahoo360. they said, one way to make Jesus smile at u is to make use of yuur talent productively. keep going in honor of HIS name!

  2. Salamat! This is GREAT! Very informative… Keep it up! Like it says in Tagalog and English:
    Wag susko kasi talagang may plan si God para sa inyo/ Don’t give up because GOD has a plan for you. With this Blog you are following GOD’S plan and blessing others with it. GOD Bless you for doing it!
    I love the pictures you have of Las Vegas because I live here and knew EXACTLY what hotels you visited!

  3. Thanks a lot for giving time to visit and commenting my blog. Feel free to come back for updates.

  4. It’s great to have a blog like this. I would like to follow up what I have responded to the question what software do we need. It’s about the database, Is there a possibility to have? or do you know a methodist who can create? I could give the data needed in preparation. thanks a lot and more power.

  5. Pastor, I admire your desire in creating ways to connect with friends and loved ones. This is helpful to all and will keep us updated on different avenues which are of great interest to everybody.
    May God richly bless you.

  6. Pastor, Praise God for you passion to hone many Christians in prepation for their future ministries and enriching those who are already in the ministry like me.

    i would like to suggest of a certain course of studies. its all about CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP.

  7. Pastor,

    praise the Lord for your passion to hone future pastors and lay leaders and enriching those who are in the ministry like me.

    i would like to suggest one topic for us to enrich. its all about Christian Discipleship Institute (ladderize in its context).

    if all lay and pastors are equip for this ministry i do believe Christianity will restore in power and influence in the society. each christian should and must undergo Christian Decipleship.

    it will be helpful for us if materials for this ministry will be produced and available.

    thanks you so much..

    God bless…

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